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Our voice is the direct expression of our soul.
We can learn much from our voice. We can feel how we create a sound, how the resonance touches us, to which parts of our body we allow this sound and where we stop it. Often this brings us into deeper contact with that which affects us deeply.

In meetings and workshops with Maurice Willems you will get to know the rich expressiveness of your own voice. In a personal atmosphere we will work on uncensored experiencing and expressing what lives inside us.

Being aware of timbre, pitch, tone and form, gives you access to emotional themes that are connected to the sound. In a way, the sounds invites you to express your own personal story.

The voice workshops and sessions functions as a support for your desire for freedom of expression, freedom of being your natural self and the confidence that you can articulate what you want. Familiarization with your own voice and sound gives you a sense of autonomy and creativity. Furthermore, the work gives you a lightness and openness to your process.

The desire for freedom of expression is also a desire for connection and contact. Inside us lives a great desire to be heard and seen. Attention and recognition of this need is the key.

If this technique intrigues and touches you, you can contact Maurice for an individual session or have look into the agenda for workshops.

A comprehensive introduction to voice expression and the work of Maurice can be found here.

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