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In 2000, the School of voice (Stemschool) was established. A course at the school consists of 4 blocks of 2 days. The central idea behind the School of voice is that you go on a personal journey in which you learn to express yourself using your body and your voice. The goal is to create a space for yourself from which you can better present yourself to the outside world. Especially to the persons close to you (like your family and friends). In short, to connect Essence to the way you present yourself.


The courses are meant for everybody who wants to learn more about his/her voice. Topics thats we will discuss (and practice) are: to breath and make sound from what's lives inside of you, to express yourself out of a feeling 'Here I am", "This is where I stand". To sing with an open heart, using your full throat, and to share this with each other. Learn to visualize your dreams and desires, and be able to express those using your voice. At the end you will able to present yourself in movement and sound. For more informatie, you can send me an e-mail to .

Course Utrecht 2013

Set of 7 meetings of 3 hour
Location Parnassia
Time Friday's from 14:00 to 17:00
Dates 1 - 15 February, 1- 15 - 29 March, 12 - 26 April
Cost € 45 each time or € 290 for 7 workshops
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Course Nijmegen 2013

Set of 6 meetings of 3 hour
Location Has yet to be determined
Time Friday from 14:00 to 17:00
Dates 25 January , 8 en 22 February , 8 en 22 March en 5 April
Cost € 45 at a time or € 240 for 6 workshops
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